Figure It Out is an American children's game show. It was hosted by Summer Sanders when it ran from July 7, 1997 to December 12, 1999. A revival of the show hosted by Jeff Sutphen ran from June 11, 2012 to July 16, 2013.


What do you get when you have four celebrities and one super talented kid? Figure It Out! In this game a panel of celebrity judges has to guess a kid's bizarre and awesome talent by asking 'yes' or 'no' questions. Hosted by Olympic swimmer Summer Sanders and later the hilarious Jeff Sutphen, this show is bound to deliver laughs, surprises and lots and lots of slime.

In this three round game, a celebrity panel asks kids with special and unique talents yes or no questions to try and guess their talent. Each time a panelist says a word, it is revealed on a game board. For each round that the kid stumps the panel, they score a cool prize. If by the end of three rounds no one guesses correctly, they are rewarded with a grand prize. Along the way, the panel may or may not perform the Secret Slime Action; so called because if any of them perform, it, they get slimed and a randomly selected audience member gets a prize.

It's a game of slime, wit and crazy and quirky talents!


1997-1999 VersionEdit

Each round lasted for one-minute rounds. Each time a panelist mentioned a word that was part of the phrase that described the secret talent, the word was turned over on Billy the Answer Head.

In the first season, the prize for stumping the panel in round one was a prop from a Nickelodeon show.

In certain season one shows, contestants whose secret was figured out had a chance to get back at a panelist who was sitting at what's called "The Drench Bench."

2012-2013 VersionEdit

This version was the same as the previous, except that the last two rounds last for 45 seconds. There was a new game board called The It Board. And futhermore, one of the words in certain games is dubbed "The Word of Honor", indicated by the color green. If at anytime that was said, not only that word was revealed, but the contestant got slimed.

Also in new episodes, backstage promos featuring the panel and host were presented.



Panelists are from currently airing Nickelodeon shows, or former famous Nickelodeon show actors.

Talented KidsEdit

The kids who are chosen have a special and unique talent and are between the ages of ten and fifteen, as said on the Nickelodeon website, though Kaid, age eight, appeared on an episode[1], and Mason, age 16, appeared in an episode[2].